The two men you see busting out the Nae Nae above, Nick Cannon, Drake and Nelly were perhaps the most excited during last night's All-Star Weekend festivities. A lot of other people had a mixed reaction, particularly toward the Slam Dunk Contest.

This year's lineup was the most promising in a while. Paul George pulled a Slam Dunk Contest-winning dunk during a gameTerrence Ross is the defending champion who kills Manimals, and players like John Wall and Damian Lillard are big names. They could've delivered but they never got a chance to. The new format essentially had six dunkers doing a freestyle round that had little hype from the crowd, and only one individual dunk from each competitor in the next round. That was it. One dunk and your main event is over. The NBA decided to take a chance with the format when it had the potential to have the best dunk contest in years. Did the idea of a conference winning a dunk contest look that good on paper?

John Wall unquestionably had the night's best dunk, but even that wasn't enough to totally satisfy Twitter. Just look at Sunday morning's trending hashtag: #ThingsBetterThanTheDunkContest. Count the D-League Contest as one of them. There was a few (very few) folks who did like the contest, however. Here are a few of Twitter's reactions:

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