Remember that time Lil Wayne got pissed off at the Miami Heat and called them out during a concert after the 2013 NBA All-Star Game? Ha. Yeeeeeeeah, you do. If we remember correctly, Weezy's exact words were—ahem—"Fuck the heat, fuck LeBron, fuck SheWade, and I fucked Chris Bosh's wife." How could you forget?!

Well, Skip Bayless apparently didn't forget about it, either. Because after Wayne predicted that the Oklahoma City Thunder and Indiana Pacers will make it to the 2014 NBA Finals on ESPN First Take this morning, Bayless asked Wayne if his prior feelings towards the Heat had anything to do with his prediction. And it got, as First Take host Cari Champion said, hashtag awkward for a few moments.

Wayne played it off well and ended up giving some props to the Heat. But you can watch the awkward moment in the clip above. Good question, Skip.

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[via Rap Radar]