Athletes have a bit more to lose than rappers. There's the league fines for inappropriate conduct, endorsement deals if he or she doesn't fit a brand's image, the risk of being included into the thug narrative, and if you mess around and end up with a broken eye socket or something after a fight, your entire career can go up in flames. A signed rapper's core focus is making decent, saleable music, which is understandable why an athlete would want to be a rapper.

Athletes also have egos, and even though they may have a bit more to lose, many will answer when beef comes knocking. Some of them are over legitimate reasons like taking one's girl. Most of them not so much. One athlete gets called out in a classic song over getting his really expensive chain robbed (tuck your chain in at night, folks) and another allegedly gets punched over hogging the DJ microphone. As silly as some beefs are, they're rarely uninteresting to watch. Would you not pay up to watch Bernard Hopkins and Cam'ron fight in a pay-per-view? Don't lie. Sadly, none of them gets solved by some sort of insane athletic-rapolympics. Regardless, let's take a look at A History of Rapper-Athlete Beefs.

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