On Saturday, Rajon Rondo celebrated his 28th birthday. And he did it by staying in Los Angeles after the Celtics' Friday night game against the Lakers. The only problem? The Celtics had a game against the Kings on Saturday night, which Rondo did not attend because of his decision to stay in L.A. rather than traveling to Sacramento. And he reportedly skipped the game without getting permission from the Celtics first, which isn't sitting well with some people within the Celtics organization.

For what it's worth, Rondo wasn't scheduled to play on Saturday night, because the Celtics are still working him back into their lineup slowly following his return from an ACL injury earlier this season. So Rondo missing Boston's game against Sacramento wasn't really a huge deal. However, Celtics' president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has already said that he plans on speaking with Rondo in person when the team gets back to Boston. So he could be in some trouble for skipping out on his team.

Until then, Rondo doesn't sound like he's going to talk about it because, as he said last night following the Celtics' loss to the Jazz, "there's nothing to talk about." Stay tuned to see if that's actually true, though, or if Ainge and the Celtics have more to say about it soon.

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[via Eye on Basketball]