Even when he loses 43-8 in the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning comes out looking like a good guy…

Okay, okay, so not everyone is saying good things about Manning right now. A quick Twitter search reveals that there are still plenty of things like this floating around out there:

But there's also a pretty cool story about Manning out there, courtesy of none other than Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Earlier this morning, Sherman made an appearance on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning to talk about Seattle's Super Bowl win. During the interview, Sherman was asked about why he decided to defend Manning on Twitter last night. And Sherman responded by revealing that, after the game ended, Manning went out of his way to track him down in the tunnel to see how his injured ankle was.

"He was really concerned about my well-being," Sherman said. "After a game like that, a guy who's still classy enough to say, 'How are you doing?' To show that kind of concern for an opponent shows a lot of humility and class."

Sherman went on to say that Manning was in a suit and tie when the two talked after the game and that he was surprised to see him so soon after the loss.

Say what you want about the way Manning played last night. But there's no denying that, win or lose, the guy knows how to carry himself.

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[via For The Win]