Michael Sam is expected to make history as the first gay NFL player after winning the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award. Unfortunately, it's looking like it's going to be a struggle careerwise according to some folks in the NFL. Although Twitter really doesn't have any direct power in how Sam's career pans out, its reaction is a snapshot of the relevance of someone's sexual orientation, how far society has come, and how far it needs to go.

Although Sam's sexuality is a talking point for obvious reasons, Patrick Crayton is upset not because of the decision, but because it's a topic of discussion at all. He specifically called out ESPN's Adam Schefter in his rant.





He clarified his reasoning later in a series of tweets, saying that the attention surrounding his sexuality will unfortunately overcloud his ability to play the game. Valid point, but there were a few others from Sports Twitter who expressed a similar sentiment more succinctly.




A few others focused on supporting the possible future NFL player rather than focusing on realism:




A lot of the responses titled toward positivity, but as the NFL personnel reminds us, this is a league with a heterosexual, hyper-masculine mindset. It's possible there's going to be a bit of controversy in the coming days.

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