Back in November, there was news of a group called the Fritz Pollard Alliance, who expressed a desire to have a yellow flag thrown on the field when players used the N-word or any other racial slur during an NFL game. They even sent a letter to the league calling for a 15-yard penalty or even an ejection for "abusive language." Check out the letter here

Fast forward three months and it looks like the Fritz Pollard Alliance may get their way when they present their case in an owners' meeting next month. Speaking on behalf of the group, head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance John Wooten said, "I will be totally shocked if the competition committee does not uphold us on what we're trying to do. We want this word to be policed from the parking lot to the equipment room to the locker room," Wooten said, according to "Secretaries, PR people, whoever, we want it eliminated completely and want it policed everywhere. I think they're going to do what needs to be done here," he said. "There is too much disrespect in the game." 

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[via ESPN]