Imagine you're taking your girl to Olive Garden to propose to her when disaster strikes. As you're walking her to the spot, you get physically assaulted and mugged as a crowd watches. Then an elderly citizen decides to give you a People's Elbow for good measure. That's when it's time to postpone that proposal, go home, and probably hit the hospital on the way, right?

What MMA Fighter Rey Trujillo went through wasn't as over the top, but he did get knocked out and stepped on in the ring—with fans watching. Trujillo was felled when he caught a brutal knee to the face. His opponent, Cosmo Alexandre, followed it up with a few hits to the back of the head. The referee, who though, "Oh shit, I got a job to do," stopped the bout and stepped on the back of Trujillo's head in his frenetic response. That's right, he risked giving Trujillo further head trauma just to make sure Alexandre didn't have the burden of doing so.

Trujillo got knocked out and stepped on with his girlfriend in attendance, so he had to walk away with some kind of win. Since he couldn't challenge the referee in an impromptu revenge match, he decided to propose:

Let's assume she didn't hug him just to whisper "Can you not?" in his ear and actually said yes.

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[via The Big Lead]