Pistons general manager Joe Dumars had Maurice Cheeks walking like...

That's because Cheeks isn't going to make it to All-Star Break in his first season as Detroit's head coach. Dumars fired him on Sunday morning even though the Pistons won back-to-back this weekend.

The Pistons are 21-29 and half a game behind eighth place in the Eastern Conference. It definitely could've been worse for his first season, but Owner Tom Gores has been pushing for a coaching change for a while, according to Yahoo! Sports' sources.

There's been no interim coach named, but fans really want Assistant Coach Rasheed Wallace to get the job—so much so that they've petitioned the White House. "We need to have Rasheed Wallace as interim head coach of the Detroit Pistons," the petition cites as its reason. Fair enough.

And Brandon Jennings? He's not quite sure what to think.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]