LeBron James has been in the headlines this week for a number of things. First, he completed some great Slam Dunk Contest worthy jams, said he was on the Mount Rushmore of the NBA and hit a game-winner to defeat the Golden State Warriors

One thing that will always matter is how many championships LeBron has when compared to the greats. The attention James gets for this definitely alleviates the pressure that some ringless stars around the NBA face when we're talking about legacies.

James recently spoke with Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report and talked about this regarding Kevin Durant:

When does he think the pressure will truly shift to Durant to take the Larry O’Brien trophy? “When I retire,” James replied. “When I retire. They’re still talking about, am I going to win a third? You know…”

It's interesting to see how much LeBron has been sounding off about certain things recently. Maybe he's unhappy with being secondary to Kevin Durant in the NBA headlines over the past month.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]