LeBron James is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys. So after he dropped 42 points last night to help the Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks, King James spent a few moments speaking with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who was in attendance at the game. He refused to reveal what he told Romo during their brief meeting after the game. But he did provide reporters with some advice that he'd like to give to Romo.

"Just don't care what everybody thinks," he said. "If you care about your craft and at the end of the day if you went out there and you gave it everything you had and you laid it out on the line for your teammates, you can sleep comfortably at night. Don't watch ESPN and all these so-called 'everyone knows what to do that ain't never put on a uniform, trying to tell you what to do' [shows]. It's not about that."

So there you go, Tony. That's what you need to do to stop sucking in crunch time. Work hard, play hard, and stop watching ESPN. Er, unless you're going to use ESPN to your advantage, in which case…

Ha. Leave to ESPN's Bob Ley to drop a zinger on LeBron. Well played, man, well played.

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[via ESPN Dallas]