Two years after the debut of the Enzo Ferrari, Maserati took that platform and made the MC12. Personally, I always thought the MC12 was cooler than the Enzo, and it built up a racing history that definitely gives it more history. Sadly, even with the debut of the berzerk and idiotically named LaFerrari, it doesn't look like Maserati is planning to make it's one hypercar once more.

The thought, however, did cross everybody's mind, including the mind of designer Mark Hostler, who created this. It would lose LaFerrari's KERS system, opting instead for the tried and true strategy of connecting a big V12 to the rear wheels of a car. In addition, it would look like an awesome and insane fighter pod from another galaxy, complete with antenna-spears for making pedestrian-kebobs. Seriously though, what the hell is going on with those side mirrors? They're a surreal blemish on an otherwise fantastic design.

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[via Diseno Art