Kevin Durant might like to pretend that he's "not nice." But the truth is that he simply can't help himself when it comes to doing good deeds. And according to one Reddit user, KD did his latest good deed last night after the Thunder lost a home game to the Cavaliers

"I was working for Fox at the OKC Thunder game last night," the user wrote in a post earlier today. "After the game, one of our camera operators slipped and fell on the stairs...KD is about to walk his mother out, but sees this happen. He said to his mom, 'Hold on a minute.' He walks up to our cameraman [and] says, 'Hey, are you alright?" He then walks our cameraman back to the production truck. On the way, they talk and decide that his finger might be broken, so they go to the arena's x-ray machine and KD arranges for our guy to get an x-ray right there."

Nice, right? But KD didn't stop there. Rather than leave the poor guy by himself, the Reddit user says that he stayed there with him while he had X-rays of his finger taken.

"Turns out the finger was broken," the user wrote. "And once it was over, he walked our guy back to the truck and got him some ice. I wasn't in there for the x-ray being done, but I would like to assume that KD personally performed the x-ray and then gave our guy a piece of candy afterwards."

We doubt that KD did all that. But then again, if he did, would it surprise you?! If all of this is really true, KD is even more awesome than we already thought he was.

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[via Reddit]