You already know that Justin Bieber enjoys playing basketball. But did you know that he enjoys playing hockey, too? And did you know that, when he plays hockey, he enjoys playing it while wearing gold chains and skinny jeans? Well, now you do.

Earlier this week, Biebs dropped by the Marietta Ice Center in Marietta, Ga. to get in a game of hockey. And as you can see in the clip above, Biebs' skills on the ice are…decent. To be fair, the clip is only 21 seconds long, so we don't get to see much from him. He also isn't exactly dressed for the occasion. But hey, at least he's doing something here that's not going to get him into trouble, right?!

You can watch another clip of Bieber on the ice below:

justinbieber's video on Instagram

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Couldn't someone have grabbed your man a uniform? Guess not.

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[via Puck Daddy]