The NFL Combine has concluded for Johnny Manziel. Now, the former Texas A&M quarterback is one step closer to hearing his name on May 8 at the NFL Draft. But, did his results at the Combine help or hurt his chances of becoming a top 10, or even No. 1 overall, pick? We'll let you be the judge of that. Follow along below as we give you a breakdown of his performances in each workout. 


40 Yard Dash: 4.56 (Unofficial), 4.68 (Official) 

Given Manziel's history as a scrambling quarterback, scouts (and fans) were definitely interested in seeing what Johnny Football clocked at the 40. Manziel did record a 4.56 during one of his attempts. Not bad. Especially when you take the tidbit of information below into account. 


Vertical Jump: 31.5"

If you had seen the above video before, then you already knew that Manziel had some hops on him. This isn't the type of thing that will come in handy for a quarterback unless they're attempting Tim Tebow jump passes on the regular. 

3 Cone Drill: 6.75 seconds 


Manziel recorded an impressive 6.75 seconds in this drill, which was the second-best among quarterbacks at the Combine (Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois, 6.55). His effectiveness in this workout showed that Manziel possesses some solid footwork and he could prove to be effective at eluding defenders in the next level. Not that we didn't already have proof of that


20 Yard Shuttle: 4.03 seconds

Here's further proof of Manziel's ability to scramble effectively when rushed outside of the pocket. This drill asks the participant to start at a middle point, break five yards to one side, touch the line and rush to the opposite side for 10 yards and then return to the middle point. If you need a visual aid, click here. The workout tests a player's ability to quickly change direction.