Last night, Syracuse guard Tyler Ennis hit a shot that everyone who has ever played the game of basketball dreams of hitting. With four seconds remaining in a game against Pittsburgh and his team trailing 56-55, Ennis took an inbounds pass, dribbled down the court, and sunk a deep three-pointer at the buzzer to silence the home crowd and extend Syracuse's undefeated season. It was amazing:

It was apparently so amazing that Joe Biden—who attended Syracuse's law school back in the late 1960s—wanted to call Ennis personally to congratulate him. So earlier this afternoon, he picked up the phone and got Ennis on the line. Here's a shot of him talking to the fantastic freshman:

Pretty cool, huh? And if this is what Ennis gets for leading the Orange to a regular-season victory, can you imagine what he'll get if he's able to lead Syracuse to a national title? A one-night stay in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House, coming right up!

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[via For The Win]