When you put too much ego and money in one city, you're naturally going to get a good amount of mayhem. This is the case with the NBA's annual spectacle: All-Star Weekend. As the biggest event of its kind in American professional sports, the three-day event has evolved from a showcase of the league's best talents to a media and celebrity extravaganza. Naturally, when something gets as big as the All-Star Weekend has, things start to go a bit awry whether it's on the court or extracurricular activity.

Attending players have stayed out of extreme trouble for the most part during the event that is now going on its third decade. All-Star Weekend doesn't involve just players though. There are thousands of people attending the festivities who don't have as much to lose as the superstars, so scandals and arrests are bound to happen. There's been booming escort business, exotic dancer ethics called into question, and team dancers setting thirst traps. Players brought some of that craziness in a SFW form to the court, too. Ask Penny Hardaway's tearaway pants. Here's A History of All-Star Weekend Shenanigans

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