On Tuesday night, the Glenwood High School girls basketball team scored just 15 points during an Alabama state title game against the Lee-Scott Academy. Fifteen points! So with that in mind, you would probably think that Glenwood got run right out of the gym. After all, most good high school teams can score at least 15 points in a single quarter.

As it turns out, though, Glenwood didn't get run out of the gym during the game. Instead, they were the ones who ended up running Lee-Scott out of the gym and won the game by a final score of 15-2. They went up 3-0 at the start of the game and never looked back, easily winning their first state championship since 2008.

So how in the world did they manage to win after only scoring 15 points? Well, it seems Lee-Scott knew they had no chance of beating Glenwood under normal conditions. So rather than play basketball the way it's supposed to be played with both teams trying to score and defend, they resorted to holding the ball at the top of the key for the majority of the game in order to avoid getting blown out. Glenwood sat back and let them do it because they held the lead for the entire contest. And Lee-Scott's strategy ultimately backfired. It kept the game close, but it also limited their scoring opportunities.

We don't know who should be more embarrassed here—the Lee-Scott coach who decided that holding the ball would be the best option for the team or the Lee-Scott players who only managed to score 2 points. How the hell do you allow that to happen in a title game?!

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[via The Victory Formation]