There are a few things that we learned from Gabrielle Union's appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show last night. For starters, we learned that you do not want to let Gabby hear you talking smack about Dwyane Wade at a Heat game. You know how Marcus Smart pushed a fan on Saturday night and subsequently got suspended three games for doing it? Yeah, that's not gonna happen if you talk trash to D-Wade. Because it won't be him running into the stands to confront you, it'll be his fiancée. And the NBA isn't allowed to fine or suspend her.

We also learned that Gabby is pretty great at talking trash to NBA players. We've heard her talk about her love for trash talking before. But the jab that she mentions in the clip above? It's excellent.

And finally, we learned that Gabby pays close attention to what's going on in the world of sports. Her take on the entire situation involving Marcus Smart was solid. Someone should really think about giving her some sort of sports-related show or something. We'd watch!

Anyway, take a look at the clip above to see what we're talking about. And then, watch the clip below to hear Gabby explain why she's getting a prenup before she marries D-Wade in order to "protect her stuff." Ha. Funny girl.

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[via Jocks and Stiletto Jill]