It looks like the George Zimmerman/DMX "celebrity" boxing match that was scheduled to take place next month might not happen after all. According to X's publicist, the rapper was contacted to take part in the fight. But he hasn't signed on the dotted line or agreed to do anything with regards to the fight just yet. And like many others out there, we're glad to hear that.

That being said, there is one nugget of news about the fight that has flown under the radar up until this point. That news? If the fight does end up happening, celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman already has a celebrity referee lined up for it. The referee will be none other than…Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Does that change your attitude towards the fight at all? Uhhh, yeah. Us, either. Regardless of whether it's Floyd Mayweather Sr., Floyd Mayweather Jr., or Cliff Floyd refereeing the match, we aren't interested in watching it. But it's a little bit strange that Money May's dad would be so eager to ref the match, no?

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[via In Flex We Trust]