Tonight Dwight Howard returns to the Staples Center in L.A. To the disdain of Lakers fans the world over, he'll be back in a Rockets uniform, reminding us all of his incredible decision to walk away from the Lakers last summer for more "Dwight-friendly" pastures. The boos tonight will be vicious, and every mistake from Howard will be rapaciously applauded by the home crowd. As a primer for what will be three hours of live slander, it's important to look back at all of the fuccboi moves he's pulled over the years. Like did you know that he wanted the Lakers to amnesty Kobe Bryant as a condition to him possibly re-signing with the team? Or that he once called his old Magic squad a bunch of players that "nobody wanted?" Get your blood pressure monitor ready with 15 Facts About Dwight Howard That Will Make You Hate Him More Than You Already Do in GIFs.