With about eight minutes remaining in the third quarter of the Rockets/Lakers game last night—and the Rockets comfortably ahead by more than 20 points—that chant broke out inside of the Staples Center. It was a pretty weak chant and never really got off the ground, with only a small pocket of fans getting involved in it. But it was loud enough for Dwight Howard to hear.

Howard didn't get mad about the chant, though. He didn't glance up at the crowd in disgust or throw up his middle finger or do anything to indicate that he was upset. Instead, he actually joined in and chanted right along with the Lakers fans. ESPN caught him chanting "HOW-ARD SUCKS!" as he inbounded the basketball on a play.

Later in the game, he also continued the chant from the bench:

And the entire Rockets team got in on the action on their team plane late last night long after the game had ended:

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Normally, we would get on Howard for doing something like this. But the Rockets ended up destroying the Lakers 134-108, and Howard finished the game with 20 points and 13 rebounds. So he earned the right to mock Lakers fans, at least for one night.

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[via Eye on Basketball]