Admit it. We've all been driving in the snow or rain when the little shithead on our shoulder tells us we should slight to the right and spray a pedestrian. Ideally none of us succumb to that thought because that would make the world a darker place. 

In this instance it looks like the spraying was unavoidable. A dude is walking down the sidewalk on Coney Avenue in Brooklyn when a snow plow sends a wave of snow to bury him like a surfer hitting the ocean for the first time. He's knocked flat to the ground but gets up surprisingly quick before picking something up—presumably his dignity. Even if I weren't hurt, I would lie there for a while to milk it/wonder which one of my evil deeds the universe was paying me back for. 

It looks like the dude is limping afterward, so let's hope he was able to walk it off. 

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[via YouTube]