Everyone is talking about Drake's feature in the new issue of Rolling Stone right now. They're talking about his thoughts on the text that Macklemore sent to Kendrick Lamar after the 2014 Grammy Awards. They're talking about the shots that he took at Kanye West. They're even talking about the weird photo of Drake in the bathtub that RS ran in the issue. But what we (we being the Complex Sports team) were most interested in after checking out the piece—which you can find over here—is the fact that Raptors forward Terrence Ross got a random shout out in the article.

We're not really surprised by it. After all, Drizzy is running with the Raptors these days. But in the RS feature, Drake seems to go out of his way to get Ross into the article. He talks about the pressure that he faces from fans now that he's accomplished so much in his career. And he compares it to something that Ross was able to do recently.

"The other night, one of my good friends, Terrence Ross, scored, like, 51 points at one point," he says. "People were going crazy, rejoicing: 'This guy is up next!' I was that guy at one point—refreshing and new and people wanted me to win. But it's like, there are guys that do that every night, and people get tired of them doing it. I feel like people are tired of me doing 40, 50 points. I gotta go put up 100 in one night for people to say, 'Damn!'"

We'd say that's a pretty good way of putting things if you're Drake.

And how excited are you if you're Terrence Ross right now? YOU MADE IT, SON. So put your TOPSZN hat on...

...and celebrate.

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[via Rolling Stone]