It looks like Roy Hibbert isn't the only pro athlete having his way with Twitter trolls right now. Late last night, a troll sent several tweets in the direction of Richard Sherman on Twitter. Those tweets, which have since been deleted, said things like, "Seattle beat Denver, but you contributed nothing and got carted off with an injury. Karma's a NASTY bitch, needle Dick!"

Needle Dick? Ugh. The troll got pretty out of hand and said some really uncalled for things. So you would expect Sherman to either: A) Ignore the Twitter troll altogether, or B) Respond to him with something like, "Yeah, I got hurt, but we still won the Super Bowl, didn't we?"

However, Sherman didn't choose to do either of those things. Instead, he simply sent the Twitter troll a photo in response. And that photo was every bit as epic as you would expect it to be:

Awesome, right? Yeah, we'd say so. And it had its desired effect, too. A short time after Sherman sent it to the troll, the troll deleted his Twitter account. Damn. No one can beat Richard Sherman right now, can they?

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[via Extra Mustard]