The Western Conference is by far the better NBA conference this season. And according to reports, the West just got a little bit better, too, by snatching up two guys who were running with Eastern Conference teams until this week.

Nothing is official just yet. But Danny Granger, who was bought out by the 76ers earlier this week, has reportedly decided to sign with the Clippers. The Spurs, Rockets, Heat, and Mavericks had all reached out to Granger about obtaining his services. But sources have told ESPN Los Angeles that Granger chose the Clips because they offered him the best chance to play big minutes down the stretch.

Meanwhile, Caron Butler is also reportedly going to be headed out West soon. The Bucks just agreed to buy out the rest of his contract. And sources have told Yahoo! Sports that he has already agreed to a new deal with the Thunder. He will have to wait until tomorrow evening to clear waivers before he can officially join Oklahoma City. But he's expected to clear and join the Thunder soon after.

Which deal is a bigger deal for the West? We'll have to wait and see. But one thing's for sure: Thanks to all of these deals, the Western Conference playoffs are going to be even better than we thought they would be this year.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles and Yahoo! Sports]