Wait, is Cristiano Ronaldo really going to play for the new MLS team that David Beckham is bringing to Miami?!

Eh, don't get too excited just yet, MLS fans. There are rumors circulating that seem to indicate that Ronaldo is up for the idea of playing in MLS one day. However, as of right now, they're still just rumors. But those rumors indicate that Beckham really wants to make his new Miami franchise a success. And in order to do that, he wants to sign Ronaldo to a Designated Player contract that would bring him to Miami in 2017. Yes, 2017.

That means that MLS wouldn't get Ronaldo in his prime. But if he did end up coming, we don't think it would make much of a difference to Beckham, the Miami franchise, or MLS. It would still be a huge deal, and it would give the Miami team a huge boost in terms of popularity both inside and outside of MLS. So stay tuned for more on this as it develops.

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[via Pro Soccer Talk]