One of the worst parts of growing up and becoming a real person is having to give up everything you care about, minus your wife and kid(s). This Craigslist post should serve as a warning: the time will come whether you like it a lot. It might even cost you your ride. 

This man in Arizona promised his wife he'd put his 2003 Subaru Impreza up for sale when they had a kid. Apparently he didn't promise he'd give the sale his best effort, however. In the ad, which lists the car for only $400 less than it sold for 10 years ago, the dude outlines everything wrong with "the last vestige of my youth." 

Its 85,000 miles were all spent at full throttle. It rattles and drifts to the left. Ghost haunting comes standard. More photos will be provided, but only those that show off its many dents. And if you want to come see the car, you can only do so when his wife is around. That way it looks like he's being cooperative. Now that we think about it, maybe you never need to grow up after all. You just have to create the illusion of becoming an adult. 

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