Remember the 10-year-old Norwegian boy who got caught driving his parents' car last week after he crashed into a snowy ditch and then tried to tell the police that he was a dwarf? Of course you do. There have been plenty of underage drivers who have gotten behind the wheel over the years. But none have been clever enough to come up with an excuse like that.

It seems as though that 10-year-old is quite the troublemaker, too. Because on Thursday, he hit the road again and went on a joyride that lasted for almost 20 miles. He took a car that belonged to his aunt without permission and was gone for quite some time before his parents realized what had happened and called police. The police were able to track him down quickly and pull him over—and a bystander took the keys to the car away from him to prevent him from going anywhere again.

The boy and his parents are going to be in big trouble this time. When this happened last week, the police let the boy and his parents off without writing them a ticket. But after this latest incident, the police reported the family to child services and revealed that the parents are going to have to work to stop the boy from getting behind the wheel of another car.

"It is scary and very sad that he is allowed to keep going on like this," a police spokesman said.

Yeah, we'd say so. This story just took a sudden turn and went from "Awww…how cute!" to "Yo, WTF is wrong with this kid?" He's only 10! His parents have to find a way to keep him off the road.

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[via Reuters]