Police are used to seeing all sorts of things fly out of cars when they attempt to make traffic stops. Drugs? Sure. Weapons? Of course. But naked men? Um, not so much. Yet, that's exactly what a couple of police officers saw come flying out of a car in Laurel, Md. early Tuesday morning when they attempted to make what they thought would be a pretty routine stop.

So what led to the naked man emerging from the car? Well, it's confusing. So confusing that it's a little difficult to even put it into words. But the naked man was the victim of an armed robbery and a carjacking. And, well, just watch the video above. In it, you'll get a super detailed report about how the man was robbed, forced to strip, and eventually thrown out of his own car as two thieves attempted to make off with his vehicle. This entire situation was bizarre, to say the least. And we can't wait to hear the entire story once police are able to get to the bottom of it.

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[via NBC Washington]