The streets of New York City have already been of major concern and a hot topic for Bill de Blasio in his short time as New York City Mayor. And we don't say that in the "see me in these streets" figurative type of way, we're literally talking about the streets, as in road safety. You see, he has this campaign called "Vision Zero," a goal to cut traffic and road fatalities in the city (zero by 2024). He wants to push speed limits down, better enforce traffic violations and increase personnel. To help show his progress, he's set up a website with a counter of deaths in 2014 so far. Maybe he needs to another category: "Times I've committed traffic violations." 

CBS 2 News Executive Producer Sarah Walters reported today that de Blasio was caught speeding and running stop signs in his black SUV while driving in Queens. This is after saying "We’ve put a very bold plan before you, and we want the public to know that we are holding ourselves to this standard." And this is on top of already pissing off a lot of New Yorkers by announcing that he wants to completely eliminate horse-drawn carriages, an NYC tradition. We'll update with video as soon as it's released. 

Sidenote: In a small bit of news that will get largely overshadowed by this incident, he just announced a large plan today to continue to resurface more than 1,000 miles of road by the summer, after the DOT has already filled in more than 110,000 potholes this year (more than what had been worked on in the past two years combined). 

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[via Sarah Walters]