Unfortunately, it seems like we've heard more and more reports about people leaving kids in cars all alone while they've gone to do various things recently. We've heard about people leaving kids in the car while they've run into stores, hit casinos, and even hung out at strip clubs in recent months. But even after reading those stories, this next story is still pretty unbelievable.

Earlier this week, a 9-year-old boy called 911 and told police that he was all alone with an 8-month-old girl inside of a vehicle in Pasco, Fla. A police officer was sent to the scene and found the children sitting inside of a car that was not running and that was only 38 degrees inside. And why were they all alone in the car? It seems the woman who was supposed to be watching them—a 31-year-old woman named Kayla Marie Shavers—was in some nearby woods hunting hogs. Yes, hunting hogs.

Shavers told police that she was hunting the hogs because they had been tearing up her property and that she hadn't gone far from the car. But police say that it took her 40 minutes to return to the car after they arrived. And when she finally got back, they arrested her, charged her with child neglect, and took her to a local jail.

When are people going to learn to stop leaving little kids in the car by themselves?!

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[via Tampa Tribune]