Back in September, we told you all about the ridiculously small car that was built by Phoenix, Az. resident Austin Coulson. The car—which is only about two feet high, two feet wide, and four feet long—is tiny and is recognized as the "Smallest Roadworthy Car" in the world by Guinness World Records. But Coulson is hoping that someone out there is going to be willing to pay some big bucks for it.

On January 14, Coulson is going to team up with a car auctioneer in Scottsdale, Az. to auction off the car. It's unclear how much Coulson is expecting to get for the car. But in addition to the car itself, the winner of the auction will also receive a signed copy of the Guinness World Records book that the car appears in and an official Guinness World Records certificate that states that the car is, in fact, the smallest roadworthy car in the world.

So who wants it? Going once, going twice...

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[via AZ Central]