The process of buying an exclusive Ferrari is not like your average go-on-Autotrader-and-pick-out-the-one-you-want experience. You have to be part of an extremely exclusive circle, considered Ferrari's Top Owners, a list that requires you already own a certain number of Prancing Horses (rumored to be 5 for the LaFerrari). This is done so that the cars don't go to people who aren't true enthusiasts. But according to this, that selection isn't exactly fool-proof. 

A used LaFerrari with only 124 miles on it has popped up for sale on the exotic car sales site SEMCO GmbH. Originally sold for $1.77 million, this car is selling for $3.25 million, which somebody would surely pay to own 1/499 that were made. We're ordering our ticket to Munich now. 

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