Normally, mopeds are strictly for stylish French or Italian women or people who have ahd a few DUIs and aren't allowed cars any more, but this seems different. The Sway is an electric, three-wheeled moped that can lean into turns. The leaning is controlled by the rider's legs and a proprietary linkage system.

The Sway starts at $4,999 for a version with a 20 mile range and a top speed of 35 mph, but those wanting more performance can opt for a better battery pack and drop $7,999 for one that tops out at 60 mph and can go 40 miles between charges. There's also one more version in the pipeline that will be faster and have more range. 

In order to be really useful for city dwellers, a four cubic foot locking storage compartment is also included.

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[via Sway Motorsports