If DeSean Jackson wants to make sure that he doesn't get robbed again, all he has to do is give "Stone Cold" Steve Austin a "Hell yeah!"

Earlier this month, someone broke into the Eagles wide receiver's Philadelphia area home and stole $250,000 in cash, $125,000 in jewelry, and two guns. Police still aren't sure who committed the crime. But one thing is for sure: Jackson was not well protected as far as home security goes prior to the break-in. He had three safes inside of his home, but two of them were broken into by the thieves who robbed him and one of the safes was stolen.

With that in mind, former WWE wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin just offered to help D-Jax prevent any further trouble when it comes to home invasions. Specifically, he offered to send him a gigantic safe that thieves will not be able to carry away with them if they ever decide to try and break into Jackson's home again:

Our question: Does "Stone Cold" come with that safe or…? Because while we're sure the safe is plenty, well, safe, we would feel a whole lot safer with "Stone Cold" standing patrol. How much for that?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]