The Knicks won last night. Hell, the Knicks beat the Heat last night. So right now, that should be what every Knicks fan out there is talking about. Except, well, they're not. Knicks fans started off their morning by waking up to this scathing piece about J.R. Smith that was written by Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski and reacting to it on Twitter. And now, instead of talking about Carmelo Anthony & Co., they are going in on Spike Lee thanks to a photo of him from last night's game.

Someone screengrabbed the photo of Spike that you see above during the game last night, and that photo has morphed into a hashtag that has been dubbed #mamaspike. As in:

Haaaaaaa! You guys are too much. Don't you want to spend the day gloating about the Knicks?!

Guess not! So here are some of the best #mamaspike memes that we've come across so far:

You can check out more of these here. What else you guys got?!?

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[via Twitter]