In the past, heartless thieves have stolen trucks with all sorts of crazy stuff in the back of them. Chocolate? Yup. Electronics? You bet. Radioactive waste? Believe it or not, yes. But chicken? Well, this is a first.

We're not exactly sure what a thief would do with 33,000 pounds of chicken. But that's what one thief stole when he broke into a truck in Warren, Mich. on Monday night and made off with the vehicle. The truck was set to make a huge delivery the following morning. And the driver of the truck, who owns and operates his own shipping business, was heartbroken after the theft. He'll be reimbursed for his truck by his insurance company. But since his truck was stolen, he couldn't deliver the chicken that he had hauled all the way from Alabama—and he stands to lose a ton of money as a result of it.

"I have my son and my wife," trucker Maan Korkis said a short time after discovering that his truck was gone. "I'm not going to be able to provide for them. My wife is four months pregnant with a second child, and I have no income coming in."

It's a sad story. But something tells us the thief is going to turn up sooner or later. Because how in the world do you unload 33,000 pounds of chicken without anyone noticing?!

Hmmm…We're gonna keep an eye on this. Something seems fishy. Or, er, chicken-y. Stay tuned.

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[via The Macomb Daily]