The Radical RXC is one of those cars that you wish was road legal, simply because it's ludicrous, but you know it's old going to be legal to drive on the streets in the UK, because anything with at least three wheels is fair game there, for some reason. 

However, for people who want a miniature Le Mans prototype to commute in, today is a bright day. The Radical RXC is one step closer to being road legal across the country, and that step is called "California." That's right, you can register this thing for use in California now, which has prompted the company to begin offering sales of the car starting at $171,280.

Buyers who want to upgrade to the 454 hp EcoBoost V6 will need to fork over another $17,085, while $28,960 will get said buyers the 500 hp V8. A carbon kit costs $3,000, A/C is $5,000, an FIA compliant fuel tank is $5,000, $3,655 nets an air jack system to navigating small curbs, and $5,500 will buy race-type telemetry. Worth it.

Also, you'll probably get some attention if you celebrate by taking one to a Cars & Coffee event in SoCal, like this video:

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[via Radical, YouTube