In case you haven't noticed, it's brick outside today (if you're unfamiliar with the term, check Urban Dictionary). Temperatures in New York City hovered around 6 degrees this morning and will stay in the low double digits until midday on Wednesday. The meteorologists are calling it some kind of "polar vortex," but we call it "too damn cold." Despite the bitter temperatures, people still have places to be, and it looks like Citi Bike is one of the preferred methods of travel.

The company tweeted today around noon that there were already 2,485 trips logged using the bike system. That number can't touch the 40,000 plus trips a day during the nice fall months, but it is up from only 1,230 trips recorded for January 3 when the temperature was around 9 degrees, acccording to WNYC. Citi Bike also tweeted that January 7 is the coldest day that the city has seen in 118 years. 

Hats off to the brave people out there working their lungs to the breaking point...we'll skip the ride this week.

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[via WNYC]