When the Mongoose line disappeared from independent bike shops in 2011, the marque didn't just go away—department store bikes continued to bear the name and the logo. But for those who grew up lusting after Supergooses (Supergeese?) and IBOCs, it just wasn't the same. Late last year they started selling performance bikes on their site (mongoose.com) and for their 40th anniversary in 2014, there's a whole new line of mountain bikes dropping. Here's some of them—get familiar.



Model: Meteore Sport
MSRP: $1,400

Designed for cross-country, the hardtail 27.5" Meteore Sport finds that wheel diameter sweet spot between 26" and 29". Shimano shifting, Hayes braking, and a Suntour fork on an aluminum frame.

Model: Salvo Expert 29
MSRP: $1,900

While the whole 27.5" wheel thing might be the new new, it's not like 29ers are just going to go away. The Salvo Expert features both 29" wheels and 100mm of travel front and rear for considerable go-everywherability. Hayes discs provide the stopping power, while the Rock Shox fork can be locked out for climbing purposes.



Model: Teocali Expert
MSRP: $2,500
An all-mountain bike with 150mm X-Fusion shocks front and rear, the Teocali Expert should descend and climb with equal aplomb. Shimano SLX componentry handles the go, while Hayes brakes handle the stop.
Model: Boot'r
MSRP: $2,600
If $2,600 for a downhill rig seems expensive, think again. Laid out with a long wheelbase and slack angles, the Boot'r features a 180mm (7") travel Rock Shox Domain R fork, Hayes stoppers, and SRAM gearing.