Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has made a lot of noise on the football field this season. But off the field, he's been relatively quiet. And that's because Lynch has refused to speak with the media during the 2013-14 NFL season—even though the NFL requires all players and coaches to make themselves available to the media at least twice every week.

Somehow, the fact that Lynch has been ducking and dodging reporters at all costs went undetected this season. But over the weekend, the NFL finally got wind of Lynch's refusal to speak with the media and fined him for $50,000 for doing it.

"Until this past week, [the] league had been unaware that Lynch had not been speaking," an NFL spokesman told USA TODAY Sports yesterday.

$50K is a lot of money to fine a guy for simply refusing to talk with reporters. But because the NFL is a big business that makes billions of dollars thanks to numerous deals with TV networks who rely on players' cooperation with interviews, it's not completely shocking to hear about the league fining Lynch so heavily for his transgression. The only question now is: Will he end his media silence or continue ignoring interview requests and pay more fines in the future? Guess we'll see this week when Seattle starts preparing for the Saints.

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[via USA Today Sports]