GM offered the Cadillac CTS wagon and the Cadillac CTS-V wagon for a few years, and this made us very happy. We couldn't afford them, but we were happier knowing that RWD wagons with big engines were once again coming out of Detroit. 

What we really want, however, is an affordable sporty wagon. A modern day Buick Roadmaster would be closer, but still probably pretty expensive. How about using the Camaro's platform?

It seems like this sort of thing might indeed come to pass, as GM Product head Mark Reuss agrees. Responding to a question regarding what kind of car GM doesn't make, but should, he said “I still think no one’s offered a really good, affordable wagon in the United States. You know, mainstream, fun, good-looking, hot-looking, fun-to-drive wagon at a reasonable price point.”

He also knows that for a wagon to sell in today's market, it needs to offer something that crossovers absolutely can't. “It’d have to be really fun to drive, otherwise people aren’t going to get out of the crossover and the mini-crossover market.”

We're on board with this message.

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[via Fox News