White truffles can cost over $6,000 per pound. Bananas cost about $0.59 per pound, or about $0.19 each. Only one of these food items was the result of a heist in which a man backed his Ford Freestyle through a window, causing significant damage to both the car and the business, in order to steal.

Weirdly, it was a single banana. 

That's right, a gas station's security footage in Newington, CT showed a man repeatedly ramming the back of his vehicle into the front of the building before breaking through and getting out to take his fill. His fill was a single banana that he ate on the spot before leaving. A burglar alarm was set off, but the banana thief was gone by the time police arrived, because he ate his banana quickly. 

Keep a snack in your car, just to make sure you don't commit a felony over the insatiable desire for the cheapest fruit in the grocery store.

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[via Associate Press]