One of the few struggles that was more vivid than the one on Katherine Webb's face during Alabama's loss in the Sugar Bowl was Lane Kiffin's. The former USC head coach got fired pretty much as soon as he landed at the LAX following that blowout loss against Arizona. He's rebounding though.

Kiffin has been brought on as Alabama's new offensive coordinator. His head coaching gigs at USC and especially the Raiders didn't have too many highlights, but that's not really the case for Lane Kiffin the Offensive Coordinator. He assisted with the passing game when USC won those two national championships under the now-flourishing Seahawks coach Pete Carroll (2003-04), and aided the team to a Rose Bowl win as the passing coordinator in 2006. Kiffin held that position in 2005-06 before signing up for doom with the Raiders.

Prior accomplishments aside, is the combination of Nick Saban, defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, and Kiffin a solid step for Alabama to return to national dominance? 

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[via ESPN]