Maybe you've heard, but the New York Knicks aren't exactly having a great season. 

Take just the last week in Knicks news: The team's on a five-game losing streak. Bargnani made one of the most embarrassingly bad dunk attempts in recent NBA history (likely ending his season over it, too). And of course, Forbes named the franchise the NBA's most valuable, which is less a slap in the face to the team's fans than it is more of the facepalm they've had since the start of the season. It's not just that they're bad, but they're paid far more than everyone else to be that bad

As such, we've decided to put all of our Knicks ennui in one place: On camera. As spoken by Knicks fans (or at the very least: New Yorkers). After coming up with some of our meanest one-liners about the Knicks, Complex staffers were given the lines live on-camera to read, with little to no warning as to what was gonna be on the cards. 

Here's to the Knicks getting better, because until then, it's just the truth: #TheKnicksAreSoBad.