At some point today, ESPN is reporting that Johnny Manziel is going to reveal that he is entering the 2014 NFL Draft. It's not totally unexpected, seeing as how he reportedly hired an agent this week. But still, it's a big step in his life. So what is he doing to prepare for it?

Well, he's not partying with Drake. He's also not kicking it with hot chicks at the club. And it doesn't appear as though he's locked away in a film room studying tape, either. Instead, he's…

Yup, he's eating pizza with Wale!

"Me and my bro @jmanziel2 discussin life and our next steps," Wale wrote on Instagram earlier today. "On [sic] of the true #GFTD_Athletes. Miss @mrvicc for the occasion tho…stay tuned johnny has a major announcement today!!! Shoutout my #OVO homies."

So there you have it. Johnny Football is almost ready for the NFL—right after he enjoys one last slice.

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[via Wale]