When we woke up this morning and opened up Twitter, that was one of the first things that we saw come across our feed. Late last night, Wall posed for a photo with Jay Z a short time after Roc Nation Sports announced that they had just signed C.C. Sabathia to their team:

So of course, Twitter tried to put two and two together—Jay is even wearing the same outfit that he was wearing in the photo with C.C., you guys!—and say that the photo of Jay Z and Wall indicated that Wall will be signing to Roc Nation Sports soon. Here are some of the tweets that we've come across since the photo of Jay Z and Wall went up:

But we're here to tell you…Chill. Wall could very well end up on the Roc Nation Sports team sometime in the near future. Hell, maybe it'll even happen by next week. At this point, we think it's safe to say that everyone is fair game, as Jay is clearly motivated to sign anyone who can help him build Roc Nation Sports into a bigger brand than it already is. But as it turns out, Jay Z wasn't talking business with the Wizards point guard last night when their photo was snapped. In fact, we doubt that Jay and Wall spoke much at all last night.

In reality, the only reason Jay met up with Wall on Thursday night was because his "Magna Carta" World Tour made a stop in Washington at the Verizon Center. So Wall and some of his teammates went to the show and got the chance to meet Jay Z. And Wall wasn't the only Wizard to get a picture with Jay:

Yup, Eric Maynor got one, too. And we're pretty sure that he isn't signing with Roc Nation Sports (no shots!) sooooo...

All we're saying is don't look too far into that photo of Jay Z and John Wall. It wouldn't shock us if a guy like Wall ended up on Roc Nation Sports eventually. But it doesn't sound like Jay and John are doing any business just yet.

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[via CSN Washington]