Earlier this week, two men from a town just outside of Calgary in Alberta, Canada got into an accident in the middle of nowhere one night. They crashed their car into a ditch and needed help. So they did what anyone in their position would have done: They called the cops and waited for them to arrive.

Er, wait, no. That's actually not what they did. Instead, they did what, well, no one in their position would have done. Despite the fact that they both had cell phones on them, they took all of the seats out of their totaled Honda, pushed them into the middle of the road, and lit them on fire to keep themselves warm. Then, when those burned to the ground, they lit the Honda on fire and huddled around it to keep themselves warm. And finally, when the sun came up, they found a house located nearby—d'oh!—that they retreated to until police finally arrived to investigate the scene. When the cops got there, both men were suffering from frostbite and, to make matters even worse, one of the men was arrested because he had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest (maybe that is why they didn't call police?!).

It was quite the scene, to say the least. And now, the men are recovering from their frostbite, in deep trouble with their car insurance company, and being used as an example by the local police, who definitely do not advocate lighting your car on fire under any circumstances.

"We certainly don't recommend lighting your vehicle on fire to stay warm," a local police spokesman said after the incident. "Stay inside your vehicle and call 911 if you can."

Or in other words, do exactly what everyone except these two fools would have done in that situation.

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[via Calgary Sun]