An Angry Groupie Is Trying to Blow Up Geno Smith's Spot Right Now (Updated)

An Angry Groupie Is Trying to Blow Up Geno Smith's Spot Right Now (Updated)Image via USA TODAY Sports

We are less than one day—ONE DAY!—into 2014, and Geno Smith is already having the worst year ever.

First, a report was published in the New York Daily News earlier today indicating that Smith will not automatically get the starting quarterback position for the Jets next season, despite the fact that he led the team to an 8-8 record in his first year with the team. And now comes the news that a groupie who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Smith late last year is attempting to blow up his spot.

So how is she doing it? Well, the woman—who identified herself as Instagram user @1jackiepresley—wrote a scandalous letter to the site about Smith recently. In the letter, she reveals that she met Smith through Instagram, FaceTimed with him, visited him on several different occasions, and had sex with him. However, she says that Smith never told her that he has a girlfriend. So she is quite upset with him at the moment and, in addition to writing a letter to, she also provided the site with screengrabs of several text messages that she sent to Smith and even threw in a nude shot of Smith that she screengrabbed during one of their FaceTime sessions in order to prove that she was, in fact, involved with him.

We're not going to provide you with that shot here. But if you're interested in reading more about why Geno Smith is already having a terrible 2014—or seeing any of the photos that the woman provided—go read the woman's entire story over here. What a way to start the new year, athletes!


The woman who wrote the letter to responded to the controversy she caused on Twitter early this morning:

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